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It used to be that the very idea of a personal or private chef was something only the wealthiest members of society could entertain. Now, as the number of professionals in this industry has grown and diversified, most households can afford the services of a talented personal chef at least a few times a month. Before we go further, it’s important to note the difference between a private and personal chef. While private chefs remain under the full-time employ of a single client, personal chefs work for multiple clients and can prepare meals at your home or deliver them as needed. Therefore, you’ll find that a majority of persons seeking a chef are looking for a personal one, as they’re more affordable, flexible, and used by every type of household – from families to adult couples and singles on the go. Whether you’re too busy to make your meals, have specific dietary needs, feel like exploring some new cuisine, or want more time to relax and enjoy yourself without the hassle of cooking, cleaning, and storage, here’s the Park Cities method of finding your ideal private or personal chef. Step 1 – Lay out your dietary, scheduling, and skills requirements Scheduling is straightforward when you’re hiring a private chef, but your personal chef’s availability should be compatible with your schedule and the schedules of existing clients. Additionally, the culinary industry is broad, and while the skills used for basic dishes tend to be universal, you may need to specify if you’re looking for someone who specializes in areas like baked desserts, cold foods, sauce-heavy dishes, or grilling. Your hire should be able to observe your dietary requests, but you should also make note of other important considerations. You may want a personal chef that is excellent at budgeting if they’ll be the ones shopping for ingredients, and at interpersonal relationships if they’ll be interacting with friends, family, and children, and cooking for dinner parties. Step 2 – Begin your search While you can share the post on social media, ensure that your full listing is on a job site, or that any agency you use has all the relevant information. Outline what is a must for the position along with what is not necessary but would be an asset. Most private and personal chefs will handle planning, shopping, cooking, cleaning, storage, and securing proper utensils and equipment, but not all do. You should also stipulate how long you’re looking to fill the position. Step 3 – The Selection Process A trial period may be necessary to assess whether your private or personal chef is a good fit. As with any staff working in your home, trust and comfort are a must, and Park Cities agents go above and beyond to ensure both conditions are met. Vet thoroughly and pay attention to even the smallest red flags. Once it clicks, you’ll have found your perfect match. In the market for a private or personal chef? Why not become our next success story? Click here to get started.