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Three decades before Dallas became an international city, it was an up-and-coming 80s dreamscape teeming with possibilities. Fortunes were made, and out of those fortunes came big families, big homes, big estates, big ranches, and even bigger dreams.

One of those dreams belonged to Park Cities founder Dana Marzetz, who saw beyond the fun and craze surrounding her into the complex operations taking place daily. With wealth creation came the need for asset maintenance, and someone who could source the right personnel for these critical tasks.

Over the next two decades, Dana would rise to the occasion, becoming a well-known professional, consultant, and friend to both clients and colleagues in her industry. Her knack for facilitating successful relationships with and invaluable help for Dallas’ leading families made her the natural ‘go-to’ for when things needed to get done.

When she lost her life to cancer in 2011 at only 52 years of age, her indomitable spirit inspired friends and colleagues to acquire her business and continue her legacy of excellence and service.

Now, we welcome you to Park Cities at Home. After 3 decades, our branding may be a little different, but our heartbeat stays the same. We get things done in Dallas!

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