Your last child is heading to school. You no longer need a full time nanny to care for your children, but somehow your life has become even more hectic, and you are not sure exactly what help you need.

This was what I, along with many of our other nanny clients, experienced when I decided to hire a housekeeper. It is wonderful to have a clean kitchen, floors, bathrooms, etc. However, not only do housekeepers taking care of cleaning the house, but they are also helping families like mine in ways you may not expect:

  1. Grocery shopping: Can you picture your life without having to spend an evening or one of your days off at the store? This has been such a relief to me!
  2. Meal preparation: It was so daunting to walk into the house after a long day and have to immediately worry getting dinner started. I absolutely love that dinner is prepped and ready to throw into the oven when I come home.
  3. Laundry: During the school year, I found it impossible to keep up with washing the school clothes, the play clothes, the uniforms, etc. – not to mention sheets, towels, and all of the other family laundry. Thanks goodness she is on top of making sure that everyone has what they needs!
  4. Organizing/Errands: My sweet housekeeper has helped me organize closets on numerous occasions (e.g., remove all of my daughter’s items that are below X size; take outgrown items to Goodwill; group t-shirts, dress shirts, shorts, pants; make sure items are wear ready instead of being wrinkled or thrown into the back of the closet). She also regularly cleans out my pantry and refrigerator, and runs items to/from the dry cleaner (she does a much better job than me of making sure that everything I sent comes back!).
  5. Mornings: Mornings are so crazy getting my four kids out the door, but with my housekeeper cleaning up breakfast, packing kids’ lunches (have you visited our Pinterest board for lunch ideas?), and filling water bottles, it’s a whole lot easier.
  6. Deliveries/Vendors: How nice it has been to not have to be home for the 4 hour window when the cable repair person comes out. Or to have to meet the FedEx truck to sign for my delivery. Or let the A/C person in for the annual tune-up. The list goes on and on as to how often I have utilized her help in this area!
  7. Pet Care: My poor dogs and cat can easily get forgotten as the kids get busier, so I’m grateful to have our housekeeper feeding them, letting them in/out, and occasionally even walking the dogs.

If you want more information about hiring a fully screened, experienced housekeeper with us, please visit our website or contact our office.